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24/7 Comfort, Developed for You. Here is How Our Booking System Works.

NOTE: Early car drop-off is possible. Please, contact us in advance for arrangements or tick the relevant box if you book through our booking system.
Our website allows access to information about services and the opportunity to make bookings 24/7. We created a booking system with your comfort in mind. You can confidently book any of our services, knowing your details are processed and stored safely. Nobody but us has access to them, and they are used for the purposes described in our Terms of Service at the bottom of the page.
Scheduling an appointment has never been faster and easier before. It works as fast as it sounds, just like 1-2.
You can use the ‘Calendar’ icon in the bottom right corner to initiate a booking through our 24/7 live system. Alternatively, you can book or request information on the phone by tapping the blue icon in the bottom right corner or dialing 086.036.2325
Then, you’ll be able to make a simple choice and type your name and email to secure your spot for the desired service, date and time. The online form contains detailed descriptions of the listed services.
24/7 online booking system
Attention! Please, double-check the spelling of the email used to create the appointment. A typo would mean sending confirmation and reminders into someone else’s inbox. Yet, we’ll still have you included in our calendar, so your appointment will run on schedule.
The booking form enables editing details, date, time and service before your final confirmation. You can reschedule or cancel an appointment later from the links we send with our confirmation and reminder emails. In case of wrong details, please, inform us as soon as possible via our other communication channels. We’ll correct the details so that your booking is correct, too.
You can choose available time slots up to 2 weeks ahead. The available slots update immediately, so duplicating is avoided.
We believe our no-brainer system will become your preferred way of requesting a service because it allows scheduling 24/7. We know everyone is busy during the day, and many remember their cars need something done when they return home in the evening. That’s where our online form comes in handy. You can schedule our services anytime after your evening dinner.
Also, we are limited in taking phone calls during the day due to the nature of our work. If we can’t reply immediately, we’ll ring back as soon as possible.

What you can expect after making a booking...

After making a booking, you don’t have to do anything. You will see a confirmation notice on your screen and receive an immediate confirmation email containing the appointment details.
There will be both reschedule and cancellation links if you want to rearrange your appointment. Later, you will receive a couple of reminders in your inbox.
The Booking Form allows precise service choice that doesn’t need us to confirm. You can leave a note in the relevant field if there is something we should know. On certain occasions, we might follow up to ensure we got your information right.
If you haven’t received an immediate confirmation email, please, check your Junk/Spam folder. If it isn’t there, please, allow a few minutes. If it still hasn’t come through in 15-20 minutes, please, inform us about the issue using our communication channels. The reason could be as simple as a typo during the details input.
If you need more information or assistance, feel free to call us. If we cannot take the call immediately, we’ll get back to you soon.
We want to thank you for the trust you place in us.

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Please, use the ‘Calendar’ icon in the bottom right corner anytime to schedule a visit. Alternatively, you can call us at 086.036.2325 during the operating times.
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